Brown Bird ~ A New Beginning

Brown Bird is on a temporary hiatus while Dave undergoes treatment for leukemia. We don’t know how long they will be off the road, but we were fortunate to film them discussing their situation, their pioneering music, and a serious look at health insurance.

New England Aquarium Blue Impact Series

We are all connected to the oceans and to the species that live in ocean ecosystems. This video series (1 of  7) presents the challenges ocean animals face from global climate change, and how communities are working together to make a difference for the blue planet.

Geo Thermal Doc

Sue Butler is determined to get off combustion.  She claims she can heat and cool her house without burning any fuel, using only heat pumps and photovoltaic electricity. After her successful installation of a geothermal system in a two unit building, she is stepping up her mission to install a geothermal system in her five unit building. On a quiet neighborhood street between Harvard and MIT, this revolutionary change is really happening.

Mister Barrington Talks Live Electronic Performance

As evidenced on their two self-released CDs, Mister Barrington, and Mister Barrington II, the trio of Oli Rockberger (keyboards, vocals, and programming), Owen Biddle (bass and programming), and Zach Danziger (drums and programming) are synth-walking, time-stretching genies. But with deep roots in New York’s music scene, Mister Barrington also improvises on-the- fly as easily as most DJs cue up a Technics 1200.


Teamed up with out of Los Angeles, we were hired to help produce marketing materials for Unreal Candy, a Boston based company that believes candy can be made with all natural ingredients. Maximizing taste, without the added artificial ingredients. I can honestly say their peanut butter cups are outstanding!

2013 Emmy for WBZ/Styleboston Show

For the past 4 years, New England’s authority on lifestyle and modern cultural information has won an Emmy at the 2013 New England Emmy Awards! Visit and see why this season brought home the award!

Indie Game Collective

Portrait film for the Indie Game Collective. (

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Joe Martino
Gaffer(s): Bryan and Jason Margaca
Production Sound: Jeff Franklin
Titles & Effects: Andrew Ruttan
Music: “Painted Sun in Abstract” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

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